Meet Our Orange County Civil Litigation Lawyers

At Orange County Civil Law Associates, our civil litigation lawyers serve individuals and companies facing a lawsuit or who are involved in a dispute that is turning heated. This includes lawsuits involving business disputes, construction disputes and real estate disputes. As you can see from our attorney biographies below, each of our lawyers has extensive experience in a wide variety of legal practice areas.

If you have been served with a lawsuit, you must act quickly to ensure you do not miss any upcoming deadlines or dates. Bring your paperwork to our office to speak to an Orange County civil litigation lawyer in a free consultation.


Photo of civil litigation lawyer Bruce C. Bridgman

Bruce C. Bridgman

Former Deputy District Attorney Bruce C. Bridgman has been practicing law for over three decades, with an emphasis on civil litigation after opening Orange County Civil Law Associates. Mr. Bridgman graduated from UCLA Law School, where he was a Wilson Scholar, and UC Berkeley as a Phi Beta Kappa Graduate. Mr. Bridgman served as President of the local Bar Association and was on the Board of Directors for the Orange County Bar Association. Mr. Bridgman has published many papers and materials concerning various legal topics, which are used as training manuals for police officers, prosecutors and attorneys.


Photo of attorney Rondee Eagle

Rondee Eagle

A long-time teacher at Pacific Coast University School of Law, Ms. Eagle recently spent a year with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office working in crimes involving law enforcement officers. Ms. Eagle has a reputation for high-quality results in civil law; former police officers from her work at the District Attorney’s Office continue to retain her for civil matters. Ms. Eagle offers the Orange County Civil Law Associates a special ability to find unique situations for difficult cases.


Photo of attorney Mary Nguyen

Mary Nguyen

A University of California at Irvine graduate, Ms. Nguyen brings her legal experience to the Orange County Civil Law Associates. Practicing general civil litigation, she has a particular focus in the fields of immigration, family law and sexual harassment. An excellent researcher and writer, Ms. Nguyen’s legal work is of the very highest quality and she enjoys the challenge of litigating tough cases.


Photo of attorney Ray A. Solis

Ray A. Solis

Mr. Solis is a tough civil litigator who put himself through school at The University of California at Irvine and Whitter Law School. His background includes time with the Public Defender’s Office and representing large corporations with a variety of difficult legal issues. Mr. Solis is bilingual, having studied in Spain and is fluent in Spanish. He takes great pride in his work and gives his best to each and every client.


Photo of attorney Marlene Kern

Marlene Kern

Starting her career working for large insurance carriers such as State Farm, Mercury and Farmers Insurance, Ms. Kern has fourteen years of focused civil law experience representing individuals and businesses. Over the years, she has litigated countless civil cases from inception to trial including Personal Injury, Insurance Bad Faith, Construction Defect, Fraud, Business Litigation and Family Law matters. Ms. Kern excels in evaluating potential monetary damages for clients and developing appropriate cost conscious litigation plans. Experienced in depositions and trials, Ms. Kern enjoys working closely with clients to achieve the desired results.


Adam Krolikowski

A lawyer who lives and breathes civil litigation, Mr. Krolikowksi is a graduate of University of California and McGeorge Law School at the University of the Pacific. Mr. Krolikowksi has years of experience with all stages of civil and business law, including contracts, arbitrations, trials and appeals. He is one of a few attorneys with extensive experience in administrative law. Of all types of civil litigation, he especially enjoys finding resolutions to employment law and discrimination cases.


Sarah A. Stockwell

Ms. Stockwell is a UCLA graduate who has handled cases dealing with civil and commercial litigation, including difficult federal fraud cases involving millions of dollars. Ms. Stockwell enjoys assisting clients whose cases have significant constitutional issues. In addition to her courtroom practice, she has litigated dozens of high-level writs and appeals. She is one of the most experienced attorneys in the country regarding constitutional issues and is a Board Certified expert in appellate law.


Caitlyn Marie Hobbs

Ms. Hobbs has an impressive background in civil litigation. Her experience includes real estate, class actions and employment issues. A graduate of Loyola Law School, She prides herself on research and writing. She is a tireless advocate who insists on excellence. She has worked at a number of highly regarded firms in their litigation departments. Ms. Hobbs is a member of the California State Bar and has been licensed to practice in California since 2001.


Michael A. Pena

Mr. Pena is a graduate of Louisiana State University (LSU) and Tulane Law School in New Orleans. He is bilingual in Spanish and English and is an active member of the California State Bar. In over two decades of civil experience, he has distinguished himself as a formidable litigator. His experience includes numerous trials and high profile cases in both private practice and while working for the litigation departments of major corporations and insurance companies.


Louis P. Pilato

A former prosecutor, Mr. Pilato has more than 300 jury trials in his remarkable career. He completed his undergraduate at the University of Miami and went on to law school at the State University of New York. Mr. Pilato has broad experience in both State and Federal Court. He is always thoroughly prepared and has a reputation as a masterful litigator. Lawyers with his range and depth of experience are few indeed. Mr. Pilato is a member of the California State Bar, licensed to practice in California among other states.