What is Civil Law?

Orange County Litigation Attorney Explains the Legal Process

Orange County litigation attorney for civil law, including business disputes, real estate, construction disputes in litigation, mediation and arbitration.

Civil law is the term for our federal, state and local statutes and justice systems that resolve disputes between people and/or businesses. When two parties have a disagreement, they can attempt to resolve the suit informally, through alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration. Alternatively, they can resolve it by means of a lawsuit litigated through the justice system.

The Orange County Civil Law Associates are here for individuals, families and businesses that have been served with a lawsuit. We also file lawsuits for our clients as plaintiffs, and we file counter-claims in appropriate situations. If you have been served legal paperwork by a Sheriff or private process server, then take note of any dates or deadlines mentioned in the documents. Bring the paperwork to us when you come for your free consultation.

Once you meet with one of our litigation attorneys, we can discuss your goals and review what options may be available to you. Most cases will have some general options: whether to offer a settlement to end the lawsuit, whether to try mediation as a means of resolving the issue, or whether to formally dispute the lawsuit and fight back through litigation in court.

Bruce Bridgman has been a litigator in both criminal and civil law for over 30 years. He leads his team of experienced trial attorneys when negotiations or mediation fails to satisfactory end the dispute. Our civil defense attorneys then guide clients through the discovery process, investigations, court appearances, negotiations and trial.

What Type of Case Do You Have?

If you have been served with a lawsuit or feel that a business, construction or real estate disagreement is headed towards litigation, come speak to our civil lawyers at no charge. We will then review your situation and put you on the path to resolution.