Facing a Lawsuit for a Business Dispute?

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For Orange County business disputes, civil defense & business litigation attorney offers help for the best resolution in court, mediation or arbitration.

Maintaining trust and working relationships with other companies is essential to the success of a business. Over the life of a prosperous company, however, disputes are almost inevitable. Business disputes can ruin critical relationships — even if handled properly. If you have been sued as an individual or as a business owner, then you need a business litigation attorney with experience responding to and defending against civil lawsuits. The lawyers at Orange County Civil Law Associates, led by attorney Bruce Bridgman, have over three decades worth of experience litigating many types of civil defense cases and can help you win a favorable outcome.

Bruce Bridgman leads a firm of aggressive and knowledgeable lawyers that can handle a variety of business dispute cases. Since opening the doors to Orange County Civil Law Associates, our Orange County business litigation attorneys have been protecting the rights and interests of business owners and professionals throughout Orange County, California. Our diverse legal team all come from different legal backgrounds which often allow a unique advantage when working with clients. At our firm, it is not a race to the finish line so we can take our next case. We consider your situation seriously by taking the time to learn about you and the details of your case in order to put together the strongest defense possible.

What Are Common Examples of Business Disputes?

Corporate disputes are often highly contentious and heated affairs. After all, an enterprise and/or someone’s livelihood is usually at stake. Business disputes often arise from clashing temperaments, misunderstood rules in a contract or someone abdicating his or her responsibilities. Whatever the circumstances, you should consider protecting yourself in the event that you are sued. You can start preparing for the worst by simply being informed of the different kinds of lawsuits that can arise from a heated business dispute.

Some of the most common sources of business lawsuits involve the following claims:

  • Partnership Disputes: A lawsuit often occurs when business partners or co-owners disagree regarding contracts, contributions, allocation of profits and/or management of the company. This claim can also include if business partners or co-owners wish to dissolve a partnership entirely.
  • Shareholder Disputes: Shareholders who might wish to terminate their ownership of shares or have disagreements about corporate actions taken that affects their shares can file a civil lawsuit against a business owner and/or business. For example, minority shareholders might claim that the majority’s corporate actions are fraudulent or unlawful.
  • Employer and Employee Disputes: These can involve claims of harassment, discrimination or other unlawful behavior in the workplace. Alternatively, such disputes can arise over an allegation of a breach of contract regarding employment contracts, non-compete agreements or non-solicitation agreements. In addition to employment agreements, allegations of breach of contract might include sales contracts, real estate contracts or construction contracts.
  • Business Premises Liability: Business owners have a duty of reasonable care that they must provide for the safety of the public. If someone slips and falls on a business’ property due to an unmarked wet floor, for example, any injured party can accuse your company of negligence and file a premises liability claim. These types of claims can include anything from slip and fall accidents to dog bites to inadequate security. Note that your insurance company may or may not provide a legal defense for premises liability lawsuits.

Why Do I Need a Business Litigation Attorney?

While you may be able to perform many aspects of your business without legal representation, it is in your best interest to have a qualified civil litigation attorney in your employ in the case that you and/or the business is in jeopardy due to a civil lawsuit. Not all business lawyers are litigators, you see, and therefore do not possess the skills to take the case to court should the need arise — and it does, more often than not. You need to choose a business litigation attorney who not only has extensive practice dealing with the negotiation of business disputes, mediation and arbitration, but also litigation experience in order to aggressively defend the lawsuit.

Hiring a seasoned civil litigation attorney will give you better chances of a favorable outcome. The Orange County business litigation attorneys at our California law firm possess all of the above skills. We will do what it takes to enforce your rights and protect your interests. This includes constantly reviewing your situation, building a strong defense and filing counter-claims. If someone is filing a lawsuit against you, protect what you have built by hiring a qualified civil litigation attorney today — you only have a limited time in which to act once a civil claim has been filed.

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It is a business owner’s nightmare to be in the middle of a business dispute. So much is on the line that you have shed blood, sweat and tears over — do not leave the outcome of a civil lawsuit in uncertain hands. Hire an experienced civil litigation lawyer to protect all that you have worked for. Regardless of the circumstances, a person should be allowed to fight for their enterprise.


The Orange County civil litigation attorneys at our California law firm all come from diverse backgrounds which allow them to form unique perspectives when working with clients. Further, we often work together, putting our collective experience on the table for all to utilize. It is important to us to foster teamwork at our office and often help each other out on cases when needed. After all, it is more important to us that justice is served in your case and we will do whatever it takes for that outcome.


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