Sued for Breach of Contract?

Orange County Business Litigation Attorneys Offer an Aggressive Defense

If you are sued for breach of contract, our Orange County business litigation attorneys offer resolutions, such as arbitration, mediation and trial.In business relationships, disputes can occur between parties that sign a contract. If someone sued you for breach of contract as an individual or business, then call our Orange County civil defense attorneys. We will review your situation, go over all your options and respond to the lawsuit. Depending on the situation, we can attempt to settle the suit through informal negotiation, mediation and/or arbitration. If these tactics do not work, then we are aggressive litigators who will defend the case in court and pursue counter-claims.

The firm founder, Bruce Bridgman, has over three decades of legal experience. He leads a group of attorneys with the essential understanding and determination to fight back against accusations of breach of contract. We commonly defend individuals and companies regarding business disputes, real estate disputes as well as construction disputes.

What is a Breach of Contract?

A breach of contract is when one party violates a material issue in a written, oral or implied agreement. A material breach strikes at the heart of the contract and causes the agreement to be irreparably broken. If a party alleges you breached a contract, then they will seek money damages and/or specific performance, which forces full compliance of the agreement. It is essential to respond to the allegations quickly and fight back to protect your own interests. Common allegations for a breach of contract include:

  • Failed delivery of goods, services or payment
  • Misrepresentation of the quality of a product, services or real estate
  • Unreasonably late delivery
  • Construction not done to code, incomplete or of poor quality
  • A violation of any non-compete or non-solicitation agreements

What are Breach of Contract Defenses?

There are a number of affirmative defenses you can raise if accused of breach of contract:

  • The contract is invalid. This might include if it was not put in writing and was required to be or if the terms of the contract were overly vague.
  • There was a mutual mistake. When both parties entered into an agreement based on a mistaken assumption or fact, this might excuse an alleged breach of contract.
  • The contract was executed under duress or undue influence.
  • The contract was so unfair (“unconscionable”) to one side that it should not be enforced, or it was unlawful.
  • The other side has sat on their rights for so long that it would be unfair to enforce the contract (“estoppel.”)

Do You Need a Breach of Contract Attorney in Orange County?

You need a business lawyer that has the experience to understand what constitutes a material breach of contract, to know what affirmative defenses might apply and to file counter-claims as well as to litigate in court to aggressively defend your interests. You also need to be aware of potential breach of contract damages, both for and against you.

If you have been served a civil lawsuit for breach of contract, then contact us today for a free consultation. We can review what options are available to defend against breach of contract lawsuit and then fight back.