Business Partnership Dispute?

Orange County Business Litigation Attorney Helps Those Served with a Lawsuit

In partnership disputes, business litigation attorney works to find solutions to maintain the partnership, or can dissolve the partnership.

Business partnerships can go through rough patches, even if they involve friends or family members. Depending on the severity of the dispute, disagreements could affect the partners’ ability to run the business. This could then possibly require legal action if one partner accuses the other of committing a serious violation like a breach of contract.

Orange County civil defense attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you with the partnership dispute resolution procedures. Bruce Bridgman has been defending people’s rights for over 30 years. Our business litigation attorneys are skilled in negotiation and have experience resolving disputes by mediation as well as arbitration. If your goal is to continue with the partnership, then we can guide you to an effective resolution and work to repair the damaged relationship. If litigation is necessary, we will provide an aggressive defense and file counter-claims when appropriate.

Common Causes of Partnership Disputes

Some causes of business conflict can be informally resolved. However, others involve deep-rooted fundamental issues that may require extensive investigation and litigation. Some of the more common partnership disputes include:

  • Conflicting personalities that affect management of the business
  • Issues of trust or control, including uneven contributions or allocations of profits
  • Finance disputes, such as misuse of assets or incurring debt
  • Charges of legal violations, such as fraud
  • Disputes involving new members or the ousting of a former partner
  • Ineffective or poorly written partnership contracts causing uncertainty
  • Breach of contract
  • Deadlock in the event of a tie in voting
  • Disagreements over the dissolution of a partnership

Do I Need a Lawyer for Business Partnership Disputes?

A partnership dispute lawyer is your best defense in a court case. Additionally, an experienced attorney will save you time and money. In some situations, we have been able to repair the relationship with a business partner. We will then work to find a mutual agreement that can not only ease the immediate tension, but also make it less likely to occur again. If the situation is beyond repair, then we can find the most efficient way to process the dissolution or resolve the lawsuit.

Let us know if you think a partner violated a company obligation or if a partner is accusing you of a violation. We will let you know your rights, and we will strive to protect your interests. We enjoy helping any business owner, from small family operations to larger corporate and equity partnerships. Contact our civil litigation attorneys today for a free consultation regarding your best options for lawsuit resolution.