Involved in a Shareholder Dispute?

Orange County Business Litigation Lawyers Protect Corporate Interests

Our business litigation lawyer represents parties involved in shareholder disputes, such as breach of contract, violation of rights and more.

When a large group of shareholders makes decisions about the direction of a company, personalities inevitably clash. Disputes between shareholders, owners and managers can be costly and slow down business, affecting the bottom line. Shareholder disputes can often be resolved through informal negotiation, mediation or arbitration, . However, in some cases, aggressive defenses in litigation are necessary to resolve the problem.

A business litigation lawyer at Orange County Civil Law Associates offers representation to shareholders and business owners when disagreements arise. The firm founder, Bruce Bridgman, has over three decades of legal experience. His firm has the knowledge and determination to defend and file counter-claims in cases involving shareholder disputes.

What Are Common Causes of a Shareholder Disputes?

Shareholder disputes occur for many reasons, including allegations of:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty or breach of contract
  • Self-dealing, malfeasance or fraud
  • Failure to uphold minority shareholder rights
  • Violation of shareholder appraisal rights
  • Mismanagement of a company
  • Overstepping authority
  • The necessity to dissolve the shareholder relationship or forced liquidation
  • Corporate deadlock mismanagement

There are numerous laws involving these disputes. As a result, sometimes a lack of understanding of these laws is what creates the disagreement. A shareholder contract may have vague language that could lead to unintentional and ambiguous interpretations. Lawyers can settle a dispute before any permanent damage is then done.

Where Can I Find a Business Litigation Lawyer for Business and Partnership Disputes?

Businesses can suffer all sorts of damage in a prolonged dispute, regardless if the complaints originate from majority or minority shareholders. Our law firm has seen numerous cases involving shareholders, owners, directors as well as managers. Therefore, we know which methods can best resolve a damaging and costly ordeal.

If you are concerned that a shareholder may be trying to dissolve a business or if a shareholder is filing a claim against you in a dispute, then contact our business litigation attorneys for a free consultation. We offer professional and personalized service to understand your options to make informed decisions.