Sued After a Car Accident?

Orange County Civil Lawyer for Drivers Involved in Auto Accidents

If you have been sued after a car accident and need a civil lawyer, our firm can represent you and see if your insurance can pay attorney fees.If you were in a car accident, the last thing you want is to defend against a lawsuit. Many of our car accident clients mistakenly believed their insurance company would represent them in a lawsuit. Other times, our clients realized their policies did not have sufficient coverage for lawsuit defense. If you were in an auto accident and need civil attorneys to defend you against a lawsuit seeking monetary damages, we can help.

The Orange County Civil Law Associates represent drivers sued by another driver or party involved in the accident. We offer free consultations and competitive attorney fee rates to guide you to the most efficient and effective resolution possible.

What are Defenses to Car Accident Lawsuits?

Car accident lawsuits often allege that the driver being sued (the defendant) acted negligently. Furthermore, that action or inaction was the proximate cause of the accident that caused injury and damages to the driver who is suing (the plaintiff).

In addition to contesting the elements of the plaintiff’s case for negligence, defendant drivers can also assert an affirmative defense that the plaintiff driver was either partially or completely at fault for the accident. This is called contributory negligence and often arises in car accident cases.

For example, let’s say a plaintiff driver alleges the defendant driver caused $50,000 of damages. If the defendant driver can prove the plaintiff driver was responsible for 25% of the fault of the accident, it reduces the damages by 25%. In this example, the defendant driver would only be liable for $37,500 of damages (75% of $50,000).

In addition to proving the defendant driver was not negligent and/or proving the plaintiff driver contributed to the accident, we often dispute the amount of damages the plaintiff is claiming. Many times the plaintiff exaggerates the damages or artificially inflates them. We also file counter-claims, when appropriate, to include your own damages in a lawsuit.

Doesn’t My Insurance Company Represent Me After an Accident?

Some of our clients may not have had insurance. Other clients mistakenly believed the policy would cover the accident. Fortunately for some clients, they do have insurance that should pay for their legal counsel. Because of this, as part of our due diligence in your civil case, we will investigate your auto insurance policy. We look to see if the insurance company should provide you with an attorney or pay your attorney fee bills. In some situations, you may even have a claim against the insurance company for “bad faith”. In these cases, the insurance company denied coverage without sufficient reason or the insurance company otherwise acted unlawfully.

Need a Civil Lawyer for Car Accident Defense?

Our firm offers free consultations and reasonable attorney fee rates to drivers who served with civil lawsuits after a car crash. Please call our car accident defense attorneys to schedule an appointment today.