Involved in a Construction Dispute?

Orange County Construction Dispute Lawyers Resolve Conflicts

Our OC construction dispute lawyers resolve disputes over breach of contract, scope of work and defective construction in litigation and arbitration.With so many parties involved, misunderstandings and disputes easily arise while working on construction projects. The conflict may trace back to incorrect blueprints, faulty construction, not completing the project as planned or disagreements about payment.

Bruce Bridgman and his construction dispute attorneys in Orange County have represented many parties served with construction lawsuits. As a result, he can find the best solution for your unique problem.  Each client has different goals when they enter our office. Whether you want to resolve the issue by any means necessary, attempt construction arbitration or fight the charges aggressively in court, we can accommodate your priorities.

Lawyers for Construction Disputes

  • Defective Construction Claims: Accused of using defective materials or performing work improperly? We analyze the site, blueprints, transactional documents, all the parties involved and materials used to determine the best way to respond to a claim of defective construction.
  • Scope of Work: Contractors and subcontractors are frequently under attack for allegedly failing to complete all the work they agreed to do. A thorough investigation into the original construction plans and the current status of the project can yield a strong defense against these claims. These disputes often arise when the customer and the construction manager create a verbal contract to amend the scope of work but fail to put it in writing.
  • Breach of Contract and Specific Performance: Sometimes in lieu of monetary damages, a court may issue a specific performance order. This then commands a contractor to fulfill a certain contractually obligated duty. We can figure out if a breach of contract occurred. Then, we can find ways to either defend you against these claims or dissolve the relationship in the most efficient way possible.

Why Do I Need a Construction Dispute Lawyer?

If you are accused of unfair business practices, then consult a lawyer to see how to respond. Failure to do so could result in the loss of your professional license, significant fines and potentially jail time. In many cases, construction mediation or arbitration can resolve the dispute without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation. If these disputes cannot be resolved easily, however, an experienced attorney can defend against these claims in court.

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