Need to Arbitrate Construction Disputes?

Business and Real Estate Attorneys with Experience in Construction Arbitration

Our construction dispute lawyer has experience arbitrating disputes in Orange County.Facing a construction dispute? Did work on the property stop? Are there threats or accusations of breach of contract? Construction arbitration may be the fastest and most efficient means of solving these problems.

Depending on the amount of money in controversy and the construction contract governing the situation, arbitration may be voluntary or mandatory to decide disputes between contractors, sub-contractors, businesses and property owners. Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Arbitration is in lieu of litigation through the justice system.

The Orange County Civil Law Associates represent parties in arbitration over construction disputes. Do you have to arbitrate per a contract clause? Or, do you want to arbitrate voluntarily? If so, then speak to our construction dispute lawyers to determine the best path for your specific situation.

What is Construction Arbitration in California?

Construction arbitration is a hearing before a neutral arbitrator who then makes a binding decision. This is unlike mediation where parties craft their own settlement with the help of a third party neutral who does not make decisions. Most arbitrators are former judges or other professionals with experience in construction law and technical building terms. Similar to a court trial, each side will be able to exchange discovery evidence, present witnesses and prepare oral arguments to advocate their positions. You can and should have an experienced litigator on your side for the arbitration process.

Unlike the judicial system, arbitration does not have as many evidentiary rules. As a result, the case often moves quickly. Additionally, arbitration is a private process, closed to the public for both the filings and hearings. This is different than the legal system where court filings, hearings and trials are typically open to the public.

Arbitration ends in a final decision and, generally, you cannot review or appeal it. This is another reason why it is essential to have an experienced attorney prepare for the arbitration similarly to the preparation for a courtroom trial.

Lawyers for Construction Arbitration in California

If you are facing a disagreement over the quality of work, scope of work, possible defective construction materials, building permits or code compliance, speak to our construction dispute attorney. During our meeting, bring the building contract and any additional pertinent documents or evidence. We can review what options you may have, including construction arbitration.