Sued for Construction Defects in Orange County?

Our Construction Dispute Lawyers Find Answers and Resolutions

If you are sued over alleged construction defects, our Orange County construction dispute lawyers help with litigation or construction arbitration.Construction defect lawsuits are among the most costly forms of litigation. Construction projects involve complex webs of designers, builders and suppliers, all of whom are eager to blame one another when something goes wrong. Finding out who is actually responsible for construction defects can take up a lot of time and resources. An attorney familiar with the industry, however, can assess the situation with efficiency, figure out what went wrong and defend you against claims of negligence.

Our Orange County construction dispute attorneys have more than 30 years of experience representing general contractors, subcontractors, architects, suppliers, consultants, engineers and others involved in construction disputes. Our practice in this area includes work on residential, commercial, industrial and public works projects. We regularly represent parties when a contract calls for construction arbitration or mediation.

Complexity of Construction Defect Claims

Each component of a structure depends on the others to function properly. If there is a communication breakdown between the framing contractor and the roofing contractor, for example, it could compromise the entire structure. Same goes for relationships between the excavator and cement contractor, insulator and roofer, and so on. The general contractor might also be responsible for failing to keep everything organized. These parties frequently blame each other for negligence, and these accusations have varying degrees of veracity.

By analyzing building records, permits, notes from inspectors and certifications from parties involved, we compare your project with state and federal building codes, along with any amendments to the code from local municipalities.

What Happens After I’m Sued for Construction Defects?

During your consultation with our firm, we will examine the scope of work documents, analyze the construction site along with the materials in question and determine the best response to allegations filed against you. Your response depends on the claims filed against you. For example, were you accused of active negligence or passive negligence? Each of these carries different consequences for the accused. We consult with our team of construction professionals to determine the credibility of the suit served against you.

Once we get a handle on the situation, our construction dispute lawyers help you figure out how to respond to the allegations. We cater the response to suit your desires since each of our clients has different goals and priorities. Do you want the matter settled as quickly as possible by any means necessary? Or, do you want to dig in your heels and fight back?

What Can I Do About a Defective Construction Lawsuit?

After being served with a lawsuit, you need to act fast. Failure to respond promptly could have disastrous consequences for your career and livelihood. Our lawyers can help you choose the best option for your construction dispute resolution. Please contact us now at (714) 963-5486.