Served a Lawsuit Over the Scope of Work in Construction?

Orange County Construction Dispute Lawyer Discusses a Common Cause of Disputes

Orange County construction dispute lawyer represents homeowners, builders and contractors in litigation or arbitration when scope of work is in dispute.Construction plans for residential homes or commercial property are complicated. As such, you need contracts to clearly show what work to do, how long it should take to complete a task and how much you will pay a contractor to do that work. Once construction begins, a variety of disputes can arise. What happens if property owners, contractors or subcontractors cannot resolve a dispute informally? Then, the next step may be a construction lawsuit regarding the proper scope of work.

With over thirty years of experience, attorney Bruce Bridgman can provide an aggressive defense. He has a team of Orange County civil defense attorneys on his side to help you. They have experience in construction law, contract law and scope of work when building or improving property.

What is Scope of Work in Construction Law?

The scope of work is generally part of a contract that defines who works, what that work is, how to do that work, timelines and prices. There are no specific rules on how to construct the scope of work section. Therefore, the contract may vary from vague or clear, brief or extensively detailed or confusing. Additionally, contractors and sub-contractors may each have a specific scope of work under separate contracts.

An issue with a scope of work can occur if the owner or developer is unhappy with the contractor. This may include allegations of work not being completed on time, not being of high quality or not happening at all. When these scenarios occur, the actions may be a breach of contract. If a breach of contract occurs and/or a lawsuit is filed, then construction could be halted and the timing pushed back even further until a resolution is reached.

To avoid any potential disputes or lawsuits, the owner and builder agreement should clearly state the scope of work that each party will assume. This should include labor, time, and payment terms. However, if a dispute arises, a construction dispute lawyer assists parties to decide the best course of action. That may include mediation, construction arbitration, negotiation or an aggressive defense in court.

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