Served with a Real Estate Lawsuit?

Orange County Real Estate Litigation Attorney You Can Trust

Our real estate litigation attorney assists with residential or commercial real estate disputes, landlord tenant law & eviction and boundary disputes.If you face complications when buying or selling real estate, plan major improvements on property or have a boundary dispute with a neighbor, then there is always a risk that someone will file a lawsuit. If you have been served with a real estate lawsuit, of if you are interested in speaking to a lawyer about a real estate dispute, then call us. Our real estate litigation attorneys can review the situation and offer you your best legal options. We can also respond immediately if the lawsuit requires you to act quickly.

With over 30 years of litigation experience, Bruce Bridgman and his team of civil defense attorneys offer their clients knowledgeable guidance in real estate litigation. We represent a number of people in Orange County, California regarding a broad range of real estate law problems.

What Areas of Real Estate Litigation Do You Practice?

Our law firm has courtroom experience and the knowledge to build a successful case in many areas of real estate litigation. Our areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Residential Real Estate Disputes If you are a buyer or seller of residential property and need representation if a contract dispute arises or a party is in breach of contract, then we will be there for you.
  • Commercial Real Estate Disputes Commercial real estate usually involves more parties, more money and more complex contracts and obligations than residential property. Our lawyers represent businesses and property owners facing commercial real estate law disputes.
  • Boundary Disputes and Easements Boundary disputes and easement problems can turn simple disagreements with neighbors into fully-fledged adversarial lawsuits. Let our real estate litigators guide you to effectively resolve the problem. This may include mediation or informal negotiation. If litigation is inevitable, then we can aggressively represent your interests in court.
  • Residential Premises Liability Law Homeowners are responsible for the safety of their guests on their properties. This can include liability for slip and fall accidents, swimming pool accidents and dog bites. Your homeowner’s insurance may or may not provide legal counsel for a premises liability lawsuit, so contact us for aggressive real estate defense.

Within these areas, we deal with closings, condominium law, eminent domain, financial and mortgage issues, construction defects, zoning, contract breaches, title liens and much more.

Need a Case Reviewed by an Orange County Real Estate Litigation Attorney?

Real estate litigation can be extremely complex, costly and time consuming if you do not select an appropriate real estate litigation attorney. Please contact our Irvine real estate attorneys if you have been served with a lawsuit regarding residential or commercial property. We are ready to protect you and then fight for your interests in real estate litigation.