Sued for Premises Liability?

Orange County Litigation Attorney Defends Homeowners

Litigation attorney represents homeowners facing lawsuits for slip and fall accidents, dog bites, swimming pool accidents or other claims in Orange County.If you are sued for an injury that allegedly occurred on your property, then you need to respond quickly and with a solid legal defense. Our firm represents homeowners as well as commercial property owners who are facing lawsuits for slip and fall accidents, swimming pool accidents, dog bites and more. In some cases, your homeowner’s insurance might provide legal counsel. However, if it does not, then contact our premises liability litigation attorney for an aggressive defense. We can then explain how premises liability law affects your case.

Attorney Bruce Bridgman has over 30 years of legal experience defending property owners facing premises liability lawsuits. His team of civil suit lawyers will review your case and help you decide the best course of action. This may include informal negotiation, mediation or litigation in court.

What are Common Causes for a Residential Premises Lawsuits?

Property owners must keep their premises safe for their guests. The most common premises liability lawsuits we see include injuries stemming from:

  • Slip and fall accidents. Guests may allege that a dangerous condition from walkways or throughout the home caused their accident. Let us review the case closely to investigate the cause of the accident as well as the true extent of the person’s injuries.
  • Dog bite lawsuit. Animal attacks are common causes of lawsuits. If a dog bites an adult or child, then the dog owner may face not only a civil lawsuit but also an animal control investigation that could jeopardize the life of your pet. Speak to us immediately if someone accuses your dog of causing an injury.
  • Swimming pool accidents. Swimming pools in Orange County are very popular. However, they can also be the source of premises liability lawsuits. You must act immediately to find an attorney if someone is injured or drowns in a swimming pool on your property.

Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover a Premises Liability Lawsuit?

All homeowners should purchase and maintain homeowner liability insurance. Depending on the policy, it may or may not cover the injuries or accidents that the lawsuit alleged. If your homeowner’s insurance refuses to provide legal counsel or refuses to cover your expenses for the accident, then you must seek out a private attorney. We can defend against the lawsuit while also investigating whether your insurance company is responsible to pay for it. If you are having difficulty with your insurance company over a premises liability defense issue, then contact our civil defense lawyers at once.