Facing a Residential Real Estate Lawsuit?

Orange County Real Estate Litigation Attorney Defends Property Owners

Our real estate litigation attorney represents you in lawsuits for breach of contract, boundary or construction disputes, premises liability law & more.If you have been served with a lawsuit regarding residential real estate, then you need to act quickly. Our real estate litigators represent buyers and sellers of property, as well as litigate disputes that may arise between owners, neighbors, local zoning authorities, homeowner’s associations and contractors.

Our firm founder, Bruce Bridgman, has over 30 years of litigation experience. We represent a number of homeowners throughout Orange County, California facing civil lawsuits in a broad range of areas dealing with residential real estate.

What are Common Causes of Residential Real Estate Disputes?

The following are common real estate matter that may turn into lawsuits:

These matters may involve buyers, sellers, developers, investors, brokers, lenders, surveyors, contractors, real estate agents, title companies, governmental agencies, utility companies as well as other entities involved in residential real estate.

Served with a Real Estate Lawsuit in Orange County?

If you need a lawyer to review your lawsuit, then contact our real estate litigation attorney. We work closely with our clients to reach their desired goals and build a solid defense. This may may include attempting to settle out of court through negotiation, the use of mediation or real estate arbitration, or providing an aggressive defense through litigation in court.