What Should I Do If I am Served with a Lawsuit?

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If you are served with a lawsuit by a Sheriff or private process server, the first thing to know is this: Don’t panic. Lawsuits will often make unfounded allegations and ask for outrageous amounts of money damages. However, you deserve a chance to tell your side of the story. Our civil defense attorney will make that happen.

Once a lawsuit is served, you have a time limit to respond. You can find this limit listed in the paperwork. Do not ignore this deadline. If you fail to timely take action, you could then have a default judgment entered against you. Do not let this happen; let us help you. Therefore, when you come into our office for a free consultation, bring the legal paperwork and any additional documentation that has to do with allegations or possible defenses to the suit.

How Can I Resolve a Civil Lawsuit?

All our clients have different goals:

  • Some clients would like a lawsuit to go away as quickly and quietly as possible. Thus, they are open to settling the case through informal attorney negotiation.
  • Certain clients would rather attempt mediation. This is where the parties discuss possible settlement with an objective neutral, who is not a judge. A benefit of a mediated settlement is the parties craft their own solutions to problems that a judge could not order.
  • Other clients would rather fight the allegations in a court of law. Our attorneys are litigators and can present aggressive defenses in the courtroom on your behalf.

Our civil litigation attorneys will help you make an informed decision about how best to move forward. We will attempt some or all the methods described above.

What Type of Lawsuit Are You Facing?

Our attorneys practice a broad range of civil law matters. Some of the common lawsuits we assist business and individual clients with include:

Business Litigation: Our attorneys represent business owners and people with business interests regarding partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, employer and employee disputes, breach of contract damages as well as business premises liability claims.

Real Estate Litigation: Our lawyers help properly owners with residential real estate, commercial real estate, landlord tenant law and evictions, boundary line and easement disputes, as well as premises liability claims for residential homeowners.

Construction disputes: Our lawyers have experience resolving problems for contractors, property owners and other parties dealing with claims of defective construction, scope of work disagreements, and defend against breach of construction contracts seeking specific performance. We also represent parties where the contract requires construction arbitration.

Car Accident Civil Defense: If you were in a car accident and do not have insurance, or your insurance company will not provide you with a lawyer, then we can represent your interests in a personal injury or property damage lawsuit.

Garnishment and Levy: If a creditor, governmental agency or family law matter is seeking to impose a garnishment or levy on your property or income, then we can help. Let us review the case, see what garnishment defenses might be applicable and help you resolve the issue.

Our civil litigation lawyer offers free legal advice to people who need a strong defense. Please contact the Orange County Civil Law Associates to seek resolutions to your legal issues.