What Should I Bring to My Consultation?

Orange County Civil Lawyer Explains What Documentation to Bring

Our Orange County civil lawyer offers free consultations if you are served with a lawsuit, to evaluate your case and find the best options for defense.

If you have been served with a lawsuit, your first step should be to bring the paperwork to an attorney for review. Make sure to take notice of any upcoming dates or deadlines when you schedule your meeting. Besides the civil lawsuit paperwork given to you by the Sheriff or private process server, you should also bring any additional documentation to the consultation.

This page reviews common documents that will assist our attorneys in evaluating your case and offering you the best options to move forward. However, if you do not have copies of these documents, or are unsure if such documents exist, do not worry. Bring what you can.

Do You Have This Documentation for Your Civil Case?

Business Disputes:

  • Business contract in issue if an alleged contract breach
  • Partnership agreement or shareholder agreement, if applicable
  • Written business policies
  • Employment contract, if appropriate
  • Written correspondence regarding the issue
  • Insurance policy for the business, if necessary

Real Estate Disputes:

  • Contract for sale of property for a buy/sell dispute
  • Real estate survey and land titles
  • Pictures of the property, if applicable
  • Lease for landlord tenant law issues along with any written communications
  • Homeowner insurance policy and communications for premises liability issues

Construction Disputes:

  • Construction contracts
  • Any written communications between you and the other parties involved
  • Blueprints of the project
  • Pictures of the property if pertinent to the suit

Car Accident Civil Defense:

  • Police report of the accident
  • Traffic ticket or citation if one was issued
  • Copy of your insurance policy and any correspondence regarding same
  • Names and numbers of any witnesses at the scene
  • Any paperwork regarding your own property damage and/or medical bills

Garnishment and Levy:

  • Documentation and communications regarding the underlying debt
  • Court order or money judgment regarding the underlying debt
  • Recent tax return, paystubs and/or bank account statements

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