Have You Been Served with a Lawsuit?

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Orange County civil litigation lawyer represents clients for business disputes, real estate disputes, construction disputes, car accident defense and more.

When someone serves you with a lawsuit, you may have less than a month to take action. Failing to act quickly can result in default judgments that can wreak havoc on your financial future. The best way to respond to a lawsuit depends on the situation involved. Some people prefer the quickest, most cost-effective solution while others do not mind putting in their time and resources in order to achieve a certain outcome. Thus, it all depends on your priorities and desired outcome.

An Orange County civil litigation lawyer from our law firm is equipped to help you make informed decisions that best resolve your conflict and protect your rights during case proceedings. At Orange County Civil Law Associates, we represent people facing a number of lawsuits involving business litigationproperty claimsconstruction disputescar accident defensegarnishment defense and other types of civil lawsuits. Any one of our talented civil trial lawyers can help you choose the best way to resolve your legal dispute.

Why Choose Our Law Firm to Defend Your Lawsuit?

Prior to opening his own firm, Bruce Bridgman worked as a deputy district attorney in both Orange County and Los Angeles County, California. During this time as deputy district attorney, Bruce gained significant trial and litigation experience in a wide variety of legal matters that has served him well throughout his legal career.

Due to his vast experience, Bruce has a unique advantage when representing clients served with lawsuits: He knows how the other side will attempt to prove your wrongdoing. Armed with this knowledge, he is able to anticipate the opposing party’s strategies and therefore fight back with aggressive defenses and counterclaims, when the situation calls for it. Since founding this law firm, Bruce has passed this knowledge on to his professional and talented team of civil trial lawyers. Further, Bruce and the lawyers at Orange County Civil Law Associates all have different and diverse legal backgrounds. Due to this abundance of diversity and versatility, they have the resources to handle big and small civil law cases in varying areas of practice.

Being Sued and Need an Attorney? We Find Solutions that Satisfy Our Clients

In civil lawsuits, we are often able to negotiate a fair solution that satisfies all parties. Mediation, for example, allows the parties to resolve legal disputes without lengthy and costly litigation. In other cases, informal negotiation of a settlement through each parties’ respective lawyers is the fastest — and most practical way — to put a civil conflict behind you. If you do not wish to settle the case, however, we are also trial attorneys who are always prepared to aggressively litigate your case in the courtroom. No matter how you choose to proceed in your civil lawsuit, we can help you make an informed decision.

To explore your options after being served a civil lawsuit, contact our office today. We are available 24 hours a day for a free consultation.